Jeremy Messersmith – Live from Zencoder

A sizeable portion of the Zencoder crew hails from Minnesota, and we’re big fans of the music scene there. So when we heard that one of our favorite artists, Jeremy Messersmith, was going to be embarking on a Supper Club Tour and playing living rooms around the country, we hopped at the chance to get involved and host a show in our newly expanded (but not yet filled) office space.

And since we’ve just announced beta support for Live Streaming we figured this would be an excellent opportunity to put it through its paces and stream Jeremy’s show to the world.

The show starts at 8pm, so just refresh this page around that time and enjoy some great music.

  • Marty Riske

    On my Chromebook located in Maui, HI, the video was choppy at first with stalls and stopped audio, but then flowed evenly after 45 seconds or so.

  • keith miller

    One of a kind show…brilliant

  • Tom R

    Great quality and great show on my iPad over WIFI in Florida.

  • Zach Thompson

    Fabulous Show! Thanks for sharing.

  • Nate Sutton

    Great show! Wish I could have made it for the show, but watching it from my living room with my wife is a pretty good alternative. :)

  • Anonymous

    We’ll be updating the player soon so you can watch the show again! Thanks to everyone who watched.

  • penny

    incredible. thank you.

  • Ross CMR

    You can stream his new debut album Heart Murmurs via NPR for free right now!

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